Installing lizarsfs within a hypervisor

2 months ago 0 Kingbuffalo 1

Hello, looking at using lizarsfs for a opennebula deployment , currently evaluating glusterfs and lizarsfs

The main difference with lizardfs seems to be I need master slave and chunk servers

The resource center enter for the meta servers seems very minimal the question I have is

Can I use my server with let's say 12 disks installed 1.2tb to run esxi from usb

Withib esxi create 3 guest servers install them as




Then on the chunk server attach my local disks and use these. Then to expand I can add another physical server fill it with disks and set it up as a chunk server and keep doing this to scale

That way I can do it all on one server to start, or am I missing something here

With glusterfs I can start with one server then expand unless I'm reading it wrong with lizardfs I need 3 dedicated servers to get started (unless of course these can be vm's)

Reading this thread: