Current recommended solution for open source HA?

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What is the current recommended solution to achieve HA with the open source version of LizardFS?

I've seen both the posts about 4Dolio's improved corosync scripts and Lindsay Mathieson's recent mails that seem to involve keepalived. What would you use for a new installation today?

In addition, we're quite happy to get our feet wet and help debug/test new functionality, but if I understand it correctly the future uraft-based solution is not available even as an alpha/beta, right?



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Hi Erik,

I used uRaft for HA functionality. It is very stable, but only available for Skytechnology customers with a support contract. Rumor has it that uRaft might be available as open-source somewhen in 2017, but I wouldn't rely on that.

I also tried using Pacemaker+Heartbeat/Corosync in the past, but this is very fiddly. Besides that, maybe using a BGP routing daemon (if possible) makes sense.

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It should be possible to handle HA using keepalived. This is on my list of things to try, I just need some free time to set things up.

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