Welcome to our team!

LizardFS is developed by people from all around the world. It's free and open source software, so anyone can study how it works and add improvements.

Join us today!

There are different ways you can participate in our Project:



  • Read our documentation at
  • Check for errors (subject wise as well as spelling and grammar ;))
  • Work on missing part (marked as "DUMMY")
  • Help with the Todo
  • Verify and extend our manpages
  • Add translations to documentation and manpages

Local user group

  • Setup or join a user group
  • Help other users with their installation
  • Brag about new features ;)
  • Be an advocate to your community

Quality assurance

  • Sign up to github where we keep our bugtracking
  • Install the latest development version of LizardFS
  • Start confirming or re-testing bug reports

Marketing and advocacy

  • Help with news, press information, whitepapers etc..
  • Participate in conferences with booths, presentations etc...
  • Write articles for magazines
  • Write blog articles